Recognizing the need for legal services dedicated to protecting students, professors and individuals with disabilities, Susan Stone founded the Education practice at MLCL.  Susan spearheads the Education practice to handle matters ranging from special education issues, student disciplinary matters and Title IX investigations.  Susan has the knowledge and experience required to navigate due process complaints and the shaping of 504 Plans and Individualized Education Programs.  She also handles student matters involving hazing, bullying, and social media.

Susan has gained a national reputation for representing students and professors in campus Title IX cases.   She is routinely hired as a student advisor for the campus investigation and hearing phase of proceedings and is also retained to handle subsequent university level appeals.  Her talent as a student advisor has led to her representing Greek organizations and athletes, as wells as other professionals accused of sexual harassment.  When cases do not resolve at the university level, she has experience fighting in state and federal courts around the country to obtain favorable outcomes for her clients.

Susan has a deep understanding of mental health and neurological disorders.  She is particularly experienced working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which allows her to formulate creative defenses for those individuals with ASD facing discipline at school or being investigated by law enforcement.  Susan is sensitive to the multiple challenges facing this growing population.

Given her experience representing individuals with mental health issues and the rise in students facing parallel criminal charges, Susan’s skills are frequently called upon in the criminal justice system.  Susan partners with Kristina Supler to represent people of all ages charged with crimes in the state and federal systems.  Their clients have faced a variety of charges ranging from misdemeanors to high-level felonies.

Susan is a nationally published author and blogger on topics related to education law. She has lectured on subjects that vary from Twice Exceptional Students, FERPA and the handling of educational records, and how to determine when behavioral issues arise out of disabilities of students. She has also spoken throughout the country at conferences on Title IX. Susan is regularly called upon by families and outside therapists to consult on legal matters affecting children.


  • Miami University
    • BA Speech Communication, cum laude
  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law
    • JD, cum laude
  • Certificate of Completion from Skidmore College
    • Restorative Justice Training


  • Ohio
  • New Jersey
  • U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio


  • Ohio State Bar Association, Member
  • Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Member
  • Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys, Member
  • Families Advocating for Campus Equality, Member
  • Stop Abusive & Violent Environments, Member
  • Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Member


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High School Exclusion Testimonial from Parent

I would like to thank Kristina Supler, Susan Stone and any team members for their help in my son’s case that arose in the last few months of his senior year. He was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and his school automatically placed him on a status of exclusion, pending an investigation by local juvenile authorities. They claimed that this exclusion was different than suspension, in that there were no academic penalties. However, he fell more and more behind in his studies for each day he missed. He was being treated as guilty, without even asking him what happened. I had no idea where to turn, who could help, or what to do. After some internet research and many horror stories about what the system, in this current political climate, does to boys and young men who are accused of such things, I found Kristina and Susan, with their many success stories in defending such cases.

They were able to get my son back into school quickly (when I say quickly, I mean we received the phone call that we were waiting so long for the day after they sent their letter regarding my son!). There are just too many factors that influence these cases, as well as consequences that I couldn’t imagine existed, and I was clueless. They were able to gather all of the facts and brainstorm together and handle everything in the right way. They’re just the perfect team! I found in them a perfect support net in a scary situation, peace of mind, and fast and fair results. I highly recommend them and we are beyond grateful for their counsel.

High School Suspension Testimonial From Parent

“I want to say thank you to Susan Stone, Kristina Supler and Dayna Hloska for their help digging into
the truth and facts, as well as researching the student handbook code of conduct. If I were the judge on
my son’s case, based on the facts/code of conduct definitions, I would have given him the same
punishment with the consideration of his trouble-free past.

I hope my son can accept this punishment willingly, learn from this lesson, fix his wrong mindset, fix
his behaviors and move on. If so, I believe he still has a bright future.

I grew up in a very distressed family in my mother-country. In early 1950, when the communist took power,
my grandpa’s family lost eight lives within one week (two suicides and six to the death penalty) and
many served jail time for over 20 years. In my value system, seeking truth and seeking justice is more
important than anything else in my life.

Once again, my family highly appreciates your team’s hard work and true professionalism.”

Successfully represented college student facing criminal and Title IX investigations

Successfully represented college student facing criminal and Title IX investigations.  Investigated the claims and presented evidence to law enforcement that was ultimately relied upon to close the criminal investigation. Subsequently filed a federal lawsuit alleging gender bias in the forms of deliberate indifference and selective enforcement and concluded a Title IX investigation.

Obtained Probation for Defendant Convicted of Child Pornography Offenses

Obtained sentence of probation for client facing multiple counts of child pornography related offenses. A comprehensive mitigation strategy coupled with use of a polygraph examination helped to assuage concerns about recidivism.

Title IX Administrative Hearing & Rape Prosecution

Successfully represented college student accused of sexual assault in Title IX proceedings. Obtained evidence, interviewed witnesses, crafted witness examinations, and prepared student for the Title IX hearing before the college’s adjudication panel. After the client was found “Not Responsible” at the Title IX hearing, the client faced prosecution for Rape and Sexual Battery. Following extensive pretrial briefing, the case was dismissed.

Read the client testimonial here.

TRO for College Athlete

Obtained temporary restraining order for college athlete who was barred from playing football for a season due to a prior conviction.

Higher Education Representation

Ms. Stone and Ms. Supler have represented students at the following college and universities:

Antioch College
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland State University
College of Wooster
Emory University
Hiram College
John Carroll University
Kent State University
Kenyon College
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Oakland University
Oberlin College
Ohio University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
University of Akron
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
University of Miami
Ursuline College
Wright State University
Youngstown State University

Title IX Sexual Assault Testimonial

Thanks for conferencing me in on today’s call about the disposition of my son’s Title IX sexual assault case. While I never doubted my son’s innocence, I am keenly aware that the current campus climate venerates victims and assumes the guilt of the accused. I have no doubt that your diligent investigative work and vigorous advocacy played a major role in dismissing the charges prior to the hearing stage. I’m just not sure we would have been successful without you. I am also extremely grateful for the emotional support you provided to my son over these past few months. I don’t think he could have made it through the semester without you taking some of the burden off of his shoulders. Any family whose son is facing a Title IX allegation should hire a lawyer, and the lawyer they hire should be you. We are forever in your debt.

Title IX Testimonial

Susan Stone has helped me enormously over the last several months in defense of a Title IX case. Her dedication and commitment to the case was astounding and with all of her hard work, helped my family and I reach a resolution of which we were very comfortable with. Susan’s credentials alone speak to how successful she is but as a first hand witness I can also testify towards her diligence. My family and I cannot express how pleased we were with her and the outcome of the case. I would highly recommend her, not only for the work she does but how she treats all of her clients with extreme sincerity and respect.

Special Placement Testimonial

I want to express my gratitude for all your help getting the best possible outcome for [our child].  We were completely unaware of our options and felt overwhelmed by the entire process, and at times bullied by the school, whether or not it was intentional on their part.  Due to your willingness to educate us and talk us through each step of the process, we were able to make confident choices and follow through on what we all believed to be in [our child]’s best interest.  With your help and diligence, we were able to get exactly what we asked for at our initial meeting: time to get all the information, and an outcome that was best suited for [our child]’s success.  Further, I have no doubt that, without you as an ally, we would not have been able to navigate the process in a manner allowing us to maintain a positive relationship with the school system going forward, while we all continue to work together to meet [our child’s] educational needs.

Overall, thank you so much for your hard work, as well as your patience and compassion.  [We] are very fortunate to have you throughout this process.

*Names were omitted to protect the client’s privacy.

Graduate Program Readmission Testimonial

“I wanted to let you know I graduated!   I cannot tell u how good it feels and the placements I had were amazing!  I could not have asked for better experiences.  To think about graduating with the other placements prior to this big fight would not even compare.  I really learned so much and had amazing supervisors.  Thank you so much for making this possible.  The words ‘Thank you’ are just not sufficient.  Means the world to me. You made a difference in my life.  Thanks for taking a chance on me and taking my case. Now I have to study for my boards.    I hope you are well!”

College Student Testimonial

I’m incredibly grateful to have had your expertise and dedication on my side, and am very happy with the results. I’m looking forward to the new-found relief this resolution has afforded me and how to apply all the life experience gained during this turbulent time towards my next steps at [college] and life beyond.

Thank you ever so much for hard work and support, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Special Education Services Testimonial

An alternative recommendation for our special needs child’s long-standing ETR threatened damaging cuts to badly needed funds and services. Our voice in the matter seemed to have little bearing.

Weighing our options, we acted on advice to secure Susan’s help.

During discussions with our local school board, Susan’s efforts were critical in keeping the proceedings focused on the full scope of our child’s educational needs and physical accommodations.

As parents, we are very grateful for Susan’s advocacy. Her pragmatic approach ensured that our family’s concerns and considerations were effectively communicated and ultimately; respected.

Avvo Client Testimonials

“I was embroiled in an educational dispute that was going to result in dismissal from a graduate program without due process. I contacted Susan and explained my situation. She was incredibly understanding and listened to my story. She was interested in the facts and was completely non-judgmental… She went above and beyond and was always available to talk and listen to my concerns. She absolutely put everything she had into resolving my dispute and guaranteeing me due process… In short, she’s amazing. And I’m back in school.”

“She is incredibly helpful and very good at what she does. She is definitely to the point but don’t mistake her no nonsense attitude for lack of empathy. She cares. She truly does.”

“Susan worked with me on an employment case in which I had been fired in retaliation… Susan treated me like a priority and I felt that she truly wanted the best possible outcome for me. She was incredibly efficient and we wrapped up the settlement in just a couple of weeks. I was very impressed with Susan’s responsiveness if I needed to contact her… She took time to make sure I understood what I could and could not do or ask for, and the legal reasoning behind any decisions. She frequently asked for my input on the outcome I wanted, and advocated for me tirelessly until we succeeded in obtaining it…”

“Susan Stone represented me in an educational legal dispute. I had been (very wrongly) dismissed just weeks before graduating from my doctorate program… She wanted to know me for me, and wanted to know my dreams, so that she can make them come true. As of today, they have come true. She truly genuinely cares from the bottom of her heart and will quite literally do everything and anything she can to fight for your cause no matter what it is and no matter how difficult it is (and will talk to you about it no matter what time it is). I will never be able to thank her enough for her kindness, patience, and just such an amazing personality…”

“Susan Stone represented me in an educational legal dispute. She provided her honest legal advice as to how she would proceed if it were her in the same situation. Not only did she listen, she was patient, detail-oriented and determined. That determination to support me as her client created successful re-admittance into my college and master’s program from which I was discharged without having to incur large costs and a court battle… I believe that without Susan’s help, I would still be left without a degree and a large sum of student loans. She offers her clients hope and will work for success. I highly recommend Susan Stone and thank her wholeheartedly.”

“Susan did an amazing job with our case, which was a very tough case… Our child will now have everything he needs to help him prepare for his future. Even though Susan was prepared to go to trial, it was not necessary! The manner in which she led us through the process avoided all of that, thankfully… Susan Stone is caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.”

*Courtesy of Avvo. Check out the full testimonials and more on Susan’s Avvo profile.

Reversal of Student Scholarship Revoke

Obtained complete reversal for student of Northeast Ohio College who was suspended and whose scholarship was revoked.

Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement

Obtained settlement for client who was wrongfully imprisoned for arson.