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Our Cleveland Securities Fraud attorneys exists for one purpose: to help people who have suffered financial loss at the hands of trusted financial advisers. We fight to recover our clients’ investment losses from careless, incompetent, or dishonest stockbrokers, registered investment advisers, life insurance agents, and anyone else who sells investments or claims to give expert investment advice.

Since 2000, we have worked exclusively for the benefit of investors and have consistently declined to defend brokers or investment advisers. But we’re unusual in that we first gained our extensive experience by representing large broker-dealer firms. Defending brokerage firms against investor claims provided us with valuable insight into the defense strategies employed by financial advisers and their lawyers. We know how they think and what tactics they like to use. And because we have that experience, you can feel confident in our ability to anticipate and prepare for whatever may happen in your case.

Our team members have more than fifty years of combined securities and investment fraud litigation and arbitration experience, and in that time we’ve handled virtually every kind of investment dispute that can arise from the investment fraud, negligence or stockbroker malpractice of financial advisors. Typical types of financial adviser misconduct we handle include the recommendation of unsuitable investments; misrepresentation or omission of facts; excessive trading (i.e., “churning”); failure to diversify portfolios; theft and other criminal activity; ill-advised recommendations of badly designed or risky products; hedge fund fraud; unauthorized margin trading; stockbroker or financial advisor breaches of fiduciary duties; money manager/investment advisor misconduct; and abuses in the sale of variable and universal life insurance policies. We also represent investors who choose to opt out of class action lawsuits in order to pursue individual recoveries, an approach that can net an investor who suffered a large loss a substantial recovery rather than pennies on the dollar.

If you lost money in your brokerage accounts or life insurance policies and don’t understand why, or if you feel that you may be a victim of any one the above kinds of abuse, our Investor Claims team can help. At the very least, and at no cost to you, we will review your situation and tell you whether we think you have a winnable claim. If we believe you have a good case, you can hire us to pursue a recovery on your behalf. We’ll offer to represent you for a contingent fee, meaning we’ll work in exchange for a percentage of whatever we recover for you. If we don’t recover money for you, we will not charge you a fee. To learn more about your rights and our Investor Claims services, please contact one of our investment fraud and stockbroker misconduct attorneys — Hugh Berkson or Jay Salamon — or visit and send a message through their comprehensive securities website,


Recommendation of unsuitable investments

Misrepresentation or mission of facts

Churning (excessive trading)

Failure to follow the investor's instruction

Inadequate diversification

Losses from fixed indexed annuities

Losses from variable annuities

Losses from structured products

Losses from put and call options

Theft, forgery, and Ponzi-schemes

Hedge fund fraud

Unauthorized margin trading

Breach of fiduciary duty

Losses from money managers

Life insurance scams

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