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Parenting Coordination

A parenting coordinator is a neutral third party appointed by the Court to facilitate the resolution of future disputes, in a timely manner. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the parenting coordinator has authority to make decisions, as defined by the Court order.

A parenting coordinator is child-focused and utilizes tools such as assessment, education, case management, conflict management, coaching, and decision-making to help parents co-parent without court intervention.

What services can a parenting coordinator provide?

  • Case Management: coordinates parents, children, and professionals
  • Education/Coaching: helps parents improve co-parenting
  • Conflict Management: works with parents to problem-solve
  • Decision Making: renders recommendations/decisions as a last resort

What are the benefits of a parenting coordinator for parents?

  • Help parents co-parent in separate households
  • Provide parents with a healthy mechanism to work through issues
  • Collectively make decisions that are in the best interest of children
  • Encourage parents to shy away from court when issues arise
  • Provide parents with an opportunity to find meaningful resolutions
  • Shared cost and less expensive than re-hiring lawyers

What are the benefits of a parenting coordinator for children?

  • Achieve a successful implementation of the parenting plan
  • Shield children from the exposure of disagreements
  • Reduce children’s stress that results from parental conflict
  • Create an optimal environment and adjustment at home
  • Increase the likelihood of both parents being active in the children’s lives

What are the benefits of a parenting coordinator for the legal community?

  • Deflect “non-legal” issues to a neutral professional
  • Saves time for professionals and money for clients
  • Prompt resolution of day-to-day issues
  • Prevent unnecessary litigation

See Parenting Coordinator FAQ.

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