Family Law

Post-Divorce Issues (Modification and Enforcement)

Modification of Spousal Support and Child Support

Our attorneys guide clients through the support modification process, including an increase or decrease in income or expenses.  This may include an analysis of a party’s employment history.  We evaluate the claim or goal, and provide realistic feedback on potential outcomes. This includes a determination of whether filing with the Court would be appropriate and successful.  Our team both prosecutes and defends such claims.

Modification of Custody and Parenting Orders

Our team understands the sensitive nature of parenting disputes.  We strategize the best course of action to address and resolve the issue.  If a modification is needed, our attorneys first address the issue through negotiation and, if necessary, file the necessary documents with the Court. Parenting orders are modifiable, but the type of modification will depend on the facts and circumstances, and a client’s desired outcome.

While we are equipped to litigate, mediation may also be useful in resolving disputes without expensive litigation.  A mediator can help the parties talk through the issues and devise a plan to handle the modification needed. The process is faster, less expensive, confidential, and facilitates better communication between the parties.  See our Mediation page for more.

Property Division Issues and Contempt Actions

Our team is prepared to enforce court orders. These types of proceedings include the payment of support and the division of property, including transferring real estate, dividing retirement benefits, and ensuring compliance of buyout provisions.

If a party violates a term of the divorce decree, the harmed party may file a motion for contempt, motion for restraining orders (to freeze accounts), motion for specific acts, subpoenas to locate any moved monies, and motion for attorney fees and other relief.

When defending a client, we aggressively review all available avenues, which may include a defense of substantial compliance, inability to pay, or the passage of time.

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