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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage:

A dissolution of marriage is a “divorce” settlement without Court involvement. Our team works with clients in a cooperative setting to negotiate fair and equitable resolutions to avoid unnecessary litigation. Upon settlement, we draft the necessary legal documents to file to complete the dissolution of marriage.  Some process options include:

  • Facilitated Negotiations: Our attorneys, in conjunction with our clients, use facilitated negotiations to reach a settlement. These negotiations may utilize meetings between counsel and the parties, attorney phone discussions, exchanged proposals, and/or shuttle diplomacy.
  • Mediation: A mediator is jointly hired by the parties to facilitate their discussions and problem-solve solutions. While a mediator cannot provide legal advice, this process puts the parties in the driver’s seat to find mutually-agreeable resolutions, which can minimize cost. Mediation can be used when the matter is in-court or out-of-court.  See our Mediation page for more.
  • Collaborative Divorce: A Collaborative Divorce is a negotiation between the parties based upon a signed agreement to work together in “four-way” planned meetings. This process promotes a team approach and transparency, which offers the parties control over the divorce timetable, agenda, decision making, and outcome.
  • Cooperative Divorce: A Cooperative Divorce is a negotiation between the parties based upon a signed agreement that sets forth (a) how they will negotiate, and (b) what will happen if their negotiation ends in dispute. This process offers flexibility and more options than a collaborative divorce.


A divorce is a lawsuit and, absent a settlement, the Court determines the issues. A lawsuit provides the ability to obtain orders for temporary support and parenting time, issue subpoenas to obtain information, and secure restraining orders. Divorce is the necessary avenue to terminate the marriage if the other party refuses to engage in the process.

Our attorneys assess the necessity of filing for divorce verses attempting to achieve a dissolution of marriage. We strive to negotiate mutually agreeable resolutions. We understand the sensitivity to maintain confidentiality and have developed concepts that assist in keeping client information outside of the public eye, which may otherwise be disclosed. The options and strategy can be discussed at your initial consultation.

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