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Child Custody/Shared Parenting

Nothing is more important than attention to child-related issues.  Custody, parenting time, and visitation are paramount in any case.  Our team’s collective experience allows us to appreciate and advise our clients on their rights and options that are unique to their case (for example, children with special needs, involvement of step-parents and other children, substance abuse by a parent, and costs and other special expenses particular to a child).  We strategize to secure custody and parenting time, while preserving family relationships.

Our attorneys guide families, including those in high-conflict situations, to create detailed and tailored parenting plans.  Shared Parenting means that both parents have custody and decision-making-authority over their children.  This type of parenting is defined by a “Shared Parenting Plan”.  The Plan can be detailed or minimal based on client needs.  The key sections include a parenting time schedule; how education and medical decisions will be made; and, how child-related expenses will be paid.  We address many other concerns and provisions, as well.

Depending on the county, parenting matters may be heard in Family Courts, Domestic Relations Courts, or Juvenile Courts.  We work in all of these Courts with married and unmarried parents. Those cases include the establishment of paternity, custody/visitation, and child support, as well as modifications.

Settling parenting matters is ideal.  However, in the event that parents cannot reach an agreement, cannot communicate, or other factors necessitate one parent having sole custody, our attorneys are prepared to litigate custody and support cases.  Litigation may include the involvement of a Guardian Ad Litem, the use of forensic professionals (such as a custody evaluation expert), and child counselors.  Our attorneys have years of experience litigating and working with outside professionals to present or defend a high-conflict parenting or support case.

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