Crossbow Safety As Deer Archery Season Approaches November 13, 2018

By Colin R. Ray

Every autumn, thousands of hunters sight in their crossbows, fit new field points, and set up their foam deer or block targets to prepare for a new deer season. They line up their first shot, and release their first arrow with a satisfying twang. Then they suffer a serious injury to their left thumb. Sometimes, hunters following all safety instructions climb up into the tree stand, buckle into a safety harness and wait for a buck to prance through. When one passes by their tree, they archer carefully leans down at a difficult angle, and suffer a terrible thumb injury. Sometimes, while in a store testing a new bow, amateurs suffer serious injuries when not properly instructed on the specific dangers of a crossbow.

With a reported explosion in crossbow sales, and inadequate thumb and finger guarding, thumb and finger injuries by crossbow hunters are on the rise. Many videos on popular video-sharing sites show, frame by frame, the injuries that hunters are sustaining when using a crossbow with inadequate safety training and guarding. Many hunters who sustain thumb injuries while shooting a crossbow are not aware of their insurance claim options. In many cases, crossbow manufacturers have been well aware of these injuries and still failed to make crossbows safer on a later date.

Hunters who have sustained injuries to a thumb, finger, or another body part sometimes don’t know where to turn. But they often have legal options with respect to their injuries. Attorney Colin Ray, an avid hunter, has investigated crossbow injury accidents and his firm is experienced in pursuing these types of specific claims. Hunters or crossbow enthusiasts who have been injured may call for a free consultation on their injuries. Colin focuses his practice on providing clients with timely information they need to make informed decisions that are right for them and their families.

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