Accidents Can Leave Hunters Out in the Cold November 9, 2018

By Colin R. Ray

As the rut begins, and with deer archery season already upon us, hunters are preparing to go out and load their freezers with venison for the winter. According to Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources statistics, 1,818 deer were checked in Geauga County during the 2017-2018 season, or about one percent of the statewide total.

With that many deer taken, and even more hunters in the woods hunting accidents are inevitable. Hunters are often self-sufficient and independent folks. But after an accident, they may find themselves overwhelmed either with high medical bills or changes in their work or life resulting from serious injuries. They may not know where to turn. In such situations, having a lawyer investigate a claim may be appropriate to recover insurance proceeds, even if no court action ever ends up being taken.

Hunting accidents can take many forms. Just a brief list of types of claims includes:

  • Accidental shootings by other hunters;
  • Firearm, ammunition, or crossbow malfunction;
  • Hidden dangers on properties;
  • Assaults by other hunters;
  • Tree stand and blind malfunctions;
  • Hunting vehicle liability, and;
  • Hunting guide liability.

Most hunts start out as a good time—no one goes to the outdoors expecting something bad to happen.

Attorney Colin R. Ray, a longtime Geauga County resident, has investigated hunting incidents and has discussed cases with hunters and experts in different aspects of responsibility relative to hunting. As a hunter and an experienced hunting accident attorney, he can relate to the incidents hunters have experienced and can help his clients work through what has happened, how their world has adversely changed, and help them get back on their feet. Such hunting claims are investigated and pursued on a no-obligation basis. Ultimately, the goal of any investigation of this sort is focused on helping the insured hunter get back to where they were before the incident.

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