When Auto Drivers Fail to Look Twice for Motorcycles September 6, 2017

By Colin Ray

During the summer months, it’s time to get the dust cover off your motorcycle, polish it up, get it checked out by the mechanic, and take it out for a spin on Ohio’s beautiful back roads. Unfortunately, as all motorcyclists know, other drivers often do not look twice for motorcycles, and all too often cause accidents that should be avoided if they were keeping a proper lookout. These accidents often cause serious injuries to faultless motorcycle riders. According to statistics from the Ohio Highway Patrol, 200 motorcyclists were killed on Ohio’s roads in 2016, up from 163 in 2015.

Cleveland motorcycle accident attorney Colin Ray is a licensed motorcycle rider with experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. Motorcycle accidents are often very different from car accident cases since the rider and passengers are often ejected and typically sustain much greater injuries than individuals in an ordinary car accident. Motorcycle accident cases require more care and attention than other injury cases. As a rider himself, Colin Ray is experienced in the law as well as riding and is able to go the extra mile to ensure that motorcycle riders obtain full compensation they are entitled to.

Motorcycle accidents where the motorcycle operator is not at fault are typically caused because an automobile or truck driver did maintain a proper lookout and did not see a motorcycle. Motorcycle cases often require professional accident reconstruction, which can be used to show why the motorcycle rider was not at fault and the other driver is to blame. This is extremely important in death cases where motorcycle operators are unable to tell their side of the story. Experienced attorneys must consider whether a case merits such reconstruction. When accident reconstruction is done, it is often a powerful tool for dealing with the insurance company, and for presenting the case to a jury in the event the insurance company ignores the evidence at hand or tries to get the case resolved with a low-ball settlement offer.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Ohio, you may call Cleveland motorcycle accident attorney Colin Ray at 216-696-1422 for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your legal situation. Colin typically takes motorcycle injury cases on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that there is no money owed unless money is recovered on behalf of an injured rider or passenger.

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