White House Summit Highlights the Effectiveness of Women in Leadership June 15, 2016

By Susan C. StoneKristina W. Supler and Dan Luciano

The White House United State of Women Summit (“The Summit”) calls important attention to the fact that women are a powerful force within the workforce. As Mrs. Obama stated during her remarks at the Summit, “women and girls who are out there working, they are truly force multipliers, spreading opportunity through their families and communities.” These female “force multipliers” have certainly impacted the area of criminal defense and captured recent headlines. For example, over the past twenty years, attorney Judy Clarke has defended numerous headline-grabbing defendants, including Ted Kaczynski, Susan Smith, and Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Ms. Clarke brings hope to defendants fighting against seemingly impossible odds. More recently, attorney Monique Pressley has led the defense in the court of public opinion for Bill Cosby. Fearless and dedicated, women are playing a vital role in criminal defense. Female defense lawyers have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to be powerful, dedicated advocates while also being skilled listeners who show compassion for clients.

At McCarthy Lebit, Ms. Stone and Ms. Supler are at the forefront of criminal defense and managing Title IX cases on campus. Ms. Supler, a criminal defense attorney, has years of experience representing criminal defendants facing a wide variety of issues,  including sexual assault, cybercrime and other felonies.    Ms. Stone, an education attorney,  has devoted her practice to helping students navigate the growing legal complexities facing college students on campus. These complexities include student discipline, academic dishonesty,  intimate partner violence  and discrimination. Together, Ms. Stone and Ms. Supler have created the “force multipliers” to represent individuals facing sexual assault allegations and are familiar with the issues raised at The Summit.

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