Special Education Lawyer for Parents and Students August 26, 2014

By Susan C. Stone

Often, when children or students have disabilities or behavioral issues it can interfere with their academic progress.  Schools are required to develop a plan in order to meet the needs of students and assist with their education.  Plans may include an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or a 504 Plan. The school is also responsible for monitoring any plans put into place.

Parents may feel frustrated or lost when it comes to what is best for helping their students.  There are times when turning to an education law attorney would be the best course of action:

  • You feel your student has been discriminated against;
  • Your student’s behavioral issues arise out of his/her disability and has caused a suspension or expulsion from school;
  • You student has been bullied, abused or harassed and the school has not helped alleviate the situation making school attendance unbearable; and
  • The school has refused to provide your student with the educational help or accommodations that they need despite repeated requests and increasing frustration from your student.

Susan Stone has the experience and compassion to help you navigate the problems your child may face in school.  She has addressed the needs of students with a multitude of disabilities, ranging from autism, dyslexia, ADD and/or ADHD, anxiety and depression and a host of other learning and processing disorders.  Ms. Stone can also make the appropriate referrals to treating physicians and therapists.  She is versatile and can act as both an advocate or if necessary, serve as a litigator.   Her past experience allows her to both mediate or file a complaint in either an administrative or court forum.

Higher Education Issues

College students are not immune from problems in their academic careers.  Ms. Stone is able to help students to defend themselves and protect their future.  Some problems that college students face may include:

  • Admissions or rejections
  • Examination problems
  • Cheating
  • Academic misconduct
  • Grade appeals
  • Transcript Issues
  • Probation/Suspension/Expulsion

Ms. Stone will help you to work with the university in order to resolve the issues.  If there is a need for legal action, you want an advocate who can help protect your rights.

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