Title IX Training

With the ever changing landscape and a growing number of Title IX claims on campus, it is important for all college students and faculty to have a solid understanding of the law and related institutional policies.

Our experienced lawyers educate students, faculty, insurance agents, Title IX coordinators and others on Title IX law and policies. We tailor our training to our audience in order to ensure that we cover the aspects affecting those individuals and include any specific institutional policies and procedures.

We apply our real life experience to provide authentic insights to our trainees.

Some of the topics we can cover include:

  • Legal requirements
  • Confidentiality vs. privacy
  • Determining appropriate charges
  • No-contact orders and other interim measures
  • Rights of the parties and the importance of equity
  • Role of the advisor in the complaint process
  • Conducting interviews
  • Collection and preservation of physical evidence
  • Communicating with law enforcement
  • Effects of trauma
  • Investigative report preparation
  • Evaluating consent vs. non-consent
  • Intoxication and incapacitation
  • Stalking
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Making determinations under a preponderance of the evidence standard
  • Negotiating sanctions or discipline

We customize the length, topics and format of our presentations to best fit the needs of our audience. We can tailor presentations for an individual group or provide more general information for a diversified audience.

Please contact Education Practice Group Leader Susan C. Stone to find out more about how our training programs can benefit you.

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